Buying Bongs Canada

Buying Bongs Canada

With blown glass bongs and hand pipes becoming an artform, the weed-loving community has a lot to celebrate. But even with the rise of new vaporizer technology, many people still prefer a traditional piece to enjoy their cannabis with. That’s because bongs are more durable, can accommodate bigger hits, and provide a much smoother smoking experience than joints or blunts. Plus, the filtration offered by water bongs helps eliminate harsh coughing and throat irritation. Source

The problem with buying a good bong is that finding one that matches your specific needs and style can be daunting. In the past, most smokers had to settle for whatever was available in their area. Now, however, thanks to the Internet and the ever-growing number of head shops, you can find a wide variety of quality bongs to choose from at reasonable prices.

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For the most part, the only limit on what you can purchase is your imagination and a little common sense. It’s important to remember that it is still illegal in Canada to sell any paraphernalia related to marijuana use. In fact, despite recreational marijuana legalization set to roll out this year, selling any device that could potentially be used for illicit purposes is punishable under section 462.2 of the Criminal Code with jail time and stiff fines.

This is why so many head shops end up getting raided by the police. The police know that promoting marijuana paraphernalia is illegal, but they also don’t want to risk going to trial, so they just empty stores and force them out of business. That’s why it’s vital to make sure that your online head shop is reputable and only stocks high-quality bongs from vetted suppliers.

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