Epoxy Resin Flooring Near Me

Epoxy Resin Flooring Near Me

epoxy resin flooring near me

Unlike nailing wood panels together or setting floor tiles, epoxy resin flooring near me are carefully built on one another and then hardened into a single surface that can withstand impacts from dropped items, heavy foot traffic, liquid spills, and harsh cleaning products. This system is so strong that it can last for decades and resist stains from most chemicals. The only thing that can ruin this long-lasting flooring option is a failed installation or subpar materials. This is why it is so important to choose a trusted epoxy contractor for your project.

While any poured floor looks great when first put down, it is the durability and longevity that counts. Conventional floor enamels 2-3 Mils thick, water-based epoxies 3-4 Millimeters thick and hybrid cycloaliphatic epoxies under 10 Millimeters thick are prone to wearing out prematurely, yellowing and peeling. This is why we offer an industrial grade Military Epoxy flooring system that outlasts and outperforms the competition.

Underfoot Beauty: Exploring the Appeal of Epoxy Resin Flooring in Your Neighborhood

This three layer extra thick 25 Mils coating is odorless, fast drying and durable enough for all branches of the US Military. This system is available in a wide selection of colors and comes in an easy-to-apply packaged system.

Resinous floors, also called seamless floors, are layered systems built for functionality and aesthetics. Typically, a primer is installed to help bond the layers to concrete, followed by a body coat that adds thickness and strength, then broadcast or grout coats provide textures and colors, and finally a high-performance topcoat that protects against chemical attack, cleaning products and normal wear and tear. These systems are ideal for manufacturing, food preparation/processing, electro-sensitive areas, pharmaceuticals, health, education, defense establishments, emergency services and law enforcement environments.

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