Mobile Physio Melbourne

Mobile Physio Melbourne

A free home visit network connecting Melbourne physiotherapists with local people who need a home visit. Enter your postcode or suburb to locate Home Visit Network professionals near you.

What devices do physiotherapists use?

Traditionally, people with injury or disability have been required to travel to a clinic for their physiotherapy consultation. This can be difficult for some, and often makes it more challenging to manage the injury or health condition. However, a new approach is emerging that allows people to get the treatment they need without leaving the comfort of their own homes.

Mobile physio melbourne is an in-home physiotherapy service that provides treatment techniques used by physiotherapists to improve mobility and reduce pain, so that patients can be active and live their best lives. The service is designed to help those who struggle to leave their homes, whether they are living with a disability or suffering from injury, or they simply have no access to public transport. URL :

The founders recognised that hundreds of thousands of people were not getting the physiotherapy they needed, and also noticed that many health professionals did not feel challenged or appreciated in their current roles. They therefore decided to do something about it, creating a business that could fill a gap, provide a great service and bring together a talented group of health professionals.

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