Organic Mushroom Supplements

Organic Mushroom Supplements

About Organic Mushroom Supplements

For thousands of years, Organic Mushroom Supplements have been used in Asia to boost immune strength and promote a long and healthy life. However, the vast majority of mushroom supplements available in North America contain little to no mushrooms at all and are largely mycelium and starch from rice or other grains ground into a powder.

Look for a product label that lists the mushroom species, extract ratio, and b-1,3-glucan content to ensure you’re getting enough of the key compounds that make mushrooms so beneficial. Choosing an organic product also protects you from mycotoxins that can build up in your body.

Boost Your Brain: Top Nootropic Mushroom Complexes

If you’re not quite ready to drop coffee completely, Four Sigmatic has made a blend that allows you to get your daily dose with lion’s mane and chaga mushroom extracts as well as pre and probiotics. The powder caffeine-free blend can be added to hot or cold beverages and mixes easily with foods.

Mushrooms are powerful supplements that can help a variety of conditions including brain health, digestion, and your response to stress. But when shopping for a product, keep in mind that nutritional supplements are only loosely regulated by the FDA — manufacturers can stretch claims about a product as long as they don’t say it will cure or prevent any disease. Read on to find the best organic mushroom products that will boost your immune system and improve your mental, physical, and emotional health.

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