Choosing a Fostering Agency

Choosing a Fostering Agency

Fostering is a rewarding career which offers you the chance to change the lives of children and young people. In return for your time and skills, you will receive a generous allowance and other rewards.

Does London have a foster care system?

When choosing an fostering agency london, make sure you understand how fees are calculated. This is because you will be self-employed and need to know how much you will be paid for fostering. In addition, it would be a good idea to look for an agency that is based close to your home, as this will save you travel costs.

You should also find out whether the agency specialises in a particular type of fostering. This might include short-term fostering, step down fostering, or parent and child placements. You may also want to find out about whether the agency has a good relationship with local authorities as this can determine what types of fostering placements are available.

All independent fostering agencies must be registered with Ofsted. This will help to ensure that the agency is run by suitable people and that they are following national standards. In addition, a responsible individual must be appointed to represent the agency to Ofsted. This person is the main point of contact for the agency and must be able to answer any questions about the agency. The responsible individual must be a senior manager within the agency and must be registered as an independent foster carer. This will allow them to act on behalf of the agency and to be able to take decisions about fostering placements.

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