Full Circle Yoga Teacher Training in Sideman

Full Circle Yoga Teacher Training in Sideman

MYT Yoga practitioners and world travelers often travel to Bali seeking spirit. They want to connect with the soul of the island and its ancient practices. Unfortunately, so many of them leave without truly integrating into the culture or finding the spirituality that they came for.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. With the right training program, students can gain a holistic understanding of the rich yoga tradition that has been preserved in Bali for centuries. The Full Circle Yoga Teacher Training in Sideman is a yoga school that offers this kind of intimate experience, allowing students to learn all about the practice and philosophy of yoga and its related spirituality.

MYT Yoga Bali: Where Nature Meets Mindfulness

During the course, students will become a certified 200-hour RYT yoga instructor, as well as study yoga anatomy and physiology, the principles of teaching and alignment, and learn all about the yogic philosophy that underlies the practice. This is a deep and spiritual journey that will teach you to be a kinder person and find true peace within yourself.

The venue for the course is a beautiful villa with endless rice field views. It is located in Sideman, which is considered the holiest village of Bali and is surrounded by the sacred Mount Agung. During the course, participants will visit several temples and get to fully immerse themselves into the spiritual essence of the island. The shala is also built right on the beach, allowing participants to find a greater inward focus during their meditation and yoga practice sessions. Complimentary shared accommodation is offered for the first 10 people to sign up for this yoga training.

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