How to Get Started As an Escort

How to Get Started As an Escort


An escort is someone who offers to accompany a client for non-sexual activities such as dinner or shopping. They are often employed by an agency, though some independent escorts are available. Whether through an agency or independently, a good way to start out is to make sure you have a website that lists your services and prices. This way a client can see what they are getting into and can be clear about their wishes before they meet up.

It is important to be aware of what legalities are involved in a role as an escort as prostitution is illegal in many jurisdictions and can get you or your clients into trouble. It is also important to note that escorts must be aware of the difference between sex work and human trafficking, as they may be helping people to engage in sexual activity where this is against the law.

Services that are rendered by Mumbai Escorts

A study that looked at escort advertisements found that they reinforced traditional gendered notions of male and female roles. The male role portrayed in advertisements was one of general independence and assertiveness, while the feminine role was based on ideals of behavioural restraint and personal control. The traditional sexual division of labour was also reflected by the use of sexual scripts within advertising.

Nudity was also a common feature in the advertisements, with most displaying either breasts or vagina, with one advertisement showing two women engaging in oral sex. Time constraints were also a prominent theme, with a number of female to male escorts highlighting their availability within specific time periods.

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