IP Quality Score Email Checker

IP Quality Score Email Checker

ipqualityscore.com email checker is an important part of good email list hygiene and email deliverability. Bad addresses often cause messages to bounce or end up in SPAM folders, and can also impact email reputation and get you blacklisted by mail servers. Using this free tool, you can instantly lookup and validate email addresses to identify low quality users and prospects. The tool can detect disposable/temporary email services, and can determine whether the address has been associated with fraudsters, spammers, or other high risk behavior.

Ensure Email Validity: Improve Deliverability Effortlessly”

It’s a best practice to verify email addresses on sign up forms, purchase and checkout pages, and other similar point of contact before sending to ensure that the user has a valid and active email account. With ipqualityscore, you can instantly query for real-time validation of an email address and improve your inboxing rate and avoid bounces.

Results are returned in just a few milliseconds. If you are using the API, you can increase the “timeout” variable (default value is 7 seconds) to allow for more time for a response from the mail service provider. Lookups that experience a connection timeout will return the “timed_out” variable as true.

Indicator that this email has been detected as a spam trap or honeypot by our system. If this is a fresh trap it will have the lowest score, while a higher score indicates a more mature and sophisticated trap. This score is based on the overall reputation of the email across the IPQS threat network.

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