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About Levis Holmes

Levis Holmes is the host and producer of The Art of Medicine Podcast, one of the leading medical podcasts in the world. He has a passion for medicine and gaining knowledge to help him become a better doctor.

Levis grew up in California, where he obtained his MD at Stanford University School of Medicine. After completing his residency, Levis moved to New York City and began working as a physician in emergency medicine. As he gained more experience in the field, he became increasingly passionate about how to better care for patients through creative solutions.

It was this passion that led Levis to create The Art of Medicine Podcast. In it, Levis interviews medical professionals from all over the world who share their unique perspectives on healthcare topics like patient advocacy, mental health issues, and new technologies being used in the medical profession.

In addition to running The Art of Medicine Podcast, Levis also teaches courses online about health promotion and wellness for medical students and young professionals entering the field. Through these courses, Levis provides tools and resources that can be used by students and professionals alike to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to modern medical practices.

Outside of work, Levis loves spending time with family, running marathons (he’s completed two), traveling around the world (including trips to India and Africa), hiking, scuba diving—and most recently—learning how to play guitar! Levis is an inspiring example of someone who’s found a way to merge his passions in medicine and teaching in order to better the lives of others, as well as himself.